Once Upon A Time...

In a place just a few miles away from the nation's capitol lived a work-a-holic, sports-fanatic, foosball table owning, tennis, golf, softball and flag-football playing maiden who yearned for a prince to provide her with that incentive she needed to separate herself from her Blackberry. She had spent more years than she cares to admit searching for her true love. She crossed state lines and several time zones in search of her prince. She even enlisted the power of the world wide web...

Coincidentally, there lived - less than a mile from the maiden - a Hokie who has lived in Northern Virigina since the age of 2, who prefers tennis over all sports, who owns his own foosball table and who was searching for someone to love him and his two adorable, overly-affectionate cats.

You can guess what happened next, right?

This is our WEDDING website!


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